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Monday, November 10, 2008

California 2010 - More Names

The Los Angeles Times today comes up for a few more names of potential candidates for California governor in 2010. These included Republican Tom Campbell and Democrats John Garamendi, Steve Westly and -- drumroll -- Dianne Feinstein. At 75, Feinstein may prefer to end her political career as a powerful member of the U.S. Senate, but the Times is probably right to say she would be an instant frontrunner if she declared an interest in being governor. And Jerry Brown, whatever his flaws as a chief executive, is always good for a quote. Reflecting on his previous two-term tenure, which ended in 1983, he tells the Times: "I can see the unintended consequences of all these 10,000 laws that a governor puts in over the course of eight years." Is this a way of saying that, if elected, he would not make the same mistakes? Sounds like a campaign slogan in the works: "Elect Jerry Brown: Older but Wiser."

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Ben said...

Of course John Garamendi will run. Garamendi must run. It is John Garamendi's destiny to run.

When I was on the editorial board at the Press-Enterprise, we interviewed Garamendi twice. I spoke with him one-on-one at least once that I can recall. He's a remarkable politician. If memory serves, he claimed credit for everything good that has occurred in California since 1971. He took credit for Riverside County's multi-species habitat plan, because he happened to be an assistant undersecretary of the Interior in the Clinton administration and showed up at a couple of meetings.

And, as far as I know, Garamendi was the only statewide candidate in 2006 whose campaign had a poet laureate. His campaign printed up a poem written in his honor by a retired San Diego attorney and included it in the press materials. "When you think of the Basque," it began, "think of the earth..." (Garamendi has been hosting an annual Basque Barbeque at his ranch up north for more than 30 years.)

I think of the Basque often. An amazing guy.